Shattered Realm

Entry 11
The Departure

The events of the past days weigh heavily on my mind, and I do the memory of Solon, and now Semyon no justice with my infrequent scribing.

The consequences of the events of Heirth fall outside of my understanding. I am, and only ever was a scout, matters of universal importance were always the livelihood of the clergymen of the Halidom or the cosmologists of Anithia. But now, I fear I'm irreversibly intertwined with events of worldly and cosmic importance.

I leave now, my task lies in a different place to that of VarSel, Neza, and Sariel.

I go to bring Semyon's memory to his family.

I go to find source of the plague that has dogged my every waking moment.

I go to face my destiny.

Entry 10
A Reforging of Night

Today, I felt the gaze of the God of Death, and the God of Life.

The Lich tore the battlefield asunder, his great abomination killing men by the hundreds, simply by its dread presence.

Acquiring the keys was the easy part, the general and the assassin gave up theirs without much of a fight.

As our party staggered our way through the ancient temple in which the star resided, past yet another servant of Sunaril, we felt the constant, crushing presence of the Lich. Our every movement agony as our bodies struggled to even hold themselves together.

The star consumed us.

We ascended.

And we fell.

I sit here confused, tired, and feeling so utterly small.

Time has been reset, but the great dragon lies dead.

I will mourn Rathgar, for the brief time I knew him, he has imparted unto me a great wisdom.

And so I rest, my back upon the grass as I look upon the night sky, whole once more.


Entry 9
The Dragon's Plea

Our party has faced and conquered the trials of the mind set upon us by the great dragon, Rathgar.

With this we are one step closer to whatever twisted endgame this ruinous fate is sending us spiraling toward. I fear something terrible is on the horizon, I must speak with the dragon regarding my fears, as I have questions only a being such as he can answer.


Entry 8




I miss you all.

Entry 7
The Den of the Dragon

Our party knows no love for the Halidom or Opeca, and thus our collective will sides with the kobolds, whose only goal in this war is to keep the power of the star out of the wrong hands.

The great dragon has granted us audience, and we shall go to meet him, and whatever trials face us.

I fear the winds of fate tug at me again.


Entry 6
A Brief Respite

The calm before the storm, as the servants of Pereus are wont to say.

There is a great tension in these lands, the righteous fury of the Halidom pressing against the noble colossus that is the Empire of Opeca.

I fear that this calm bubble is soon to burst forth into another bought of chaos and bloodshed.

I sit here, outside the city of Werot, leaning against dear Alexander, quill in one hand, tea in the other. I haven't quite known peace like this since my flight.

Perhaps I am mending.


Entry 5
Moving Onward

Leaving Immershire behind us, our party has begun to travel westward, towards Werot (formerly Felstock).

During our journey I seem to have succumbed to a fainting spell and fallen off the cliff, thankfully I managed to survive mostly unscathed.

My eye does seem to hurt a bit though, I'll examine it when we arrive in Werot.


Entry 4
The Isle of Immershire

So much has occurred since I last wrote.

Upon our arrival to Immershire, we were immediately swept up once more in the events of this land, our small band of hunters being offered a job slaying "wraiths" in the mountain pass to the West. Accompanied by two young knights, servants of Obris, we went to do battle, encountering not wraiths, but once more those accursed by the warping of flesh and bone. After a quick dispatch, we returned to Immershire to find our employer, the mayor vanished.

This leads into the events in the Hall of Obris, events which would shake the very foundation of these lands.

The Order of the Clement had been torn asunder, Brother Accolade having supped upon the same power that courses through our veins, the madman seeking to bring back the lost souls of the Felstock rebellion, seeking to twist them to his whim using fell magic originating from a mask.

I have taken upon me the bow of Felstock, Dawnbreaker. I'm not sure it quite suits me, but I will put the device to use, perhaps with the power these artifacts grant me I shall be able to redeem myself.

In the end, something happened, although I cannot quite recall what, this inability to recollect worries me greatly, as does VarSel's new appearence.

We were told upon the third use of the key some power, some darkness would be unleashed.

I fear we have yet to see the true consequences of the wisp's actions.

And mine.


Entry 3
An Angel Descends

I'm not a religious man, the horror I faced in my days in the scout corps has numbed me to the thoughts that any higher being looks over me. However, the being we encountered today carried a grace that could only be described as "heavenly."

My companions and I fought nobly, and banished the being, which I with forthwith call "the Angel," but not before it branded us with some burning mark, calling us, VarSel in particular, agents of Chaos.

I know not what we have done to bring Sunaril's wrath upon us, but I suspect the strange energy we have been absorbing from the fallen stars has something to do with it.

I must keep my guard up around VarSel, I know not what that key has done, but it has twisted him somehow.


Entry 2
A Fateful Encounter

We encountered more knights from the Halidom on this day, all infected with the flesh plague, much like the ones outside Pomrell. I do not recall such an infestation upon my flight from Levial, with such apparent evidence of blight coming from the Halidom, I fear for the state of my home.

However, during the battle a most strange occurrence happened, a common bear, (of the black variety if I know my species correctly) joined the fray, tearing through the ranks of the blighted warriors. I know not why, but it seems to have bonded to me, and I it.

I have named him Alexander, after my brother.

How I miss him.



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