Andrei Gerris

Deserter of the Levial Scout Corps


Andrei is a young man, gaunt from a childhood spent constantly on the verge of starvation. His skin is pale, and his hair is thin and light.

Scars mar the side of his face, and his piercing gaze peeks through his wisp-like hair.

His clothing tends to differ depending on the clime and locale, however his cloak’s clasp never changes, a bright silver badge denoting the rank of a Levalian scout sergeant.


Andrei is an ex-scout hailing from the Kingdom of Levial who fled his country following a skirmish with forces from the Plains of Flesh and Bone. Left the only man remaining from his squad and fearing the persecution of the paranoid commonfolk, he fled.

And so Andrei lives on, searching for any real reason to go on.

Andrei Gerris

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