Wordseeker for the Archive Ascendancy


VarSel appears to be a humanoid made up of blue energy. The form of a Blue Wisp has no external features such as eyes, ears or a mouth. This lack of features can be disturbing for other species that aren’t accustomed to Wisps and as a result, VarSel will usually cover his entire body with robes and armor to make other species more comfortable around him.

VarSel is currently 100 years old, less than halfway through the typical Wisp life-cycle of 350 years. As Wisps grow older their arcane powers increase dramatically to the point that Wisps that are within 10 years of their death contain so much arcane power that they glow like a star. In addition as they contain so much power non-sentient Wisps start crowding around them making it appear that a dense fog follows their every step.

Wisps can only generate more Wisps by reaching exactly 350 years. On the moment they reach that age, their brightness will momentarily exceed that of a sun and they explode with all their built up arcane power. This explosion grants any surrounding Wisps sentience.

VarSel has been writing in his book On the Nature of The Codex. Within are his thoughts and guesses on major events he has experienced so far.


VarSel is a Blue Wisp from the The Archive Ascendancy. He was on a mission to locate and deliver magical tomes that once belonged to The Great Library. He has been travelling with a group of other Hunters to stop the Cult of the Cosmic Eye from achieving their goals. In addition, VarSel wishes to find the Codex, one of the most powerful artifacts known to the world that was lost to the Wisps millennia ago. To help his mission he became a Hunter, someone that travels around Altos hunting monsters and delving into dungeons for gold. This is his journey so far.

Becoming a Hunter gave VarSel an excuse to enter old ruins and search for magical artifacts that once belonged to the ancient Wisp empire. While he was on these hunts he joined up with two other Hunter, Nezahualcoyotl Yolyamanitzin a freed Phocian slave and Andrei Gerris a deserter from the Levial Scout Corps. While journeying with these Hunters he seemed to inadvertently cause the Shattering, and event that made the space around the world Selith shatter and release huge amounts of magical energy in the forms of fallen stars. While traveling around Opeca trying to collect these fallen stars, the Hunters have uncovered conspiracies involving the Emperor of the Opecan Empire along with a organization that calls themselves the Cult of the Cosmic Eye. While uncovering these conspiricies the Hunters had a new addition to the party, Sariel Nailo a Anithian Rogue who also had been seeking out the fallen stars.

After being chased out of the Opecan Empire by some sinister forces the Hunters had numerous encounters with both people abusing the power of the fallen stars as well the Cult. After a large clash between the Hunters and the Cult at the city state of Heirth, Andrei left the party due to both disagreements with VarSel and feelings of his own inadequacies of dealing with threats of global importance. However at Heirth the Hunters had another new addition to the party, Apostol Cristecu, a scholarly Page whose life they had saved previously.

Tracking the Cults activities to another City-State known as Deepdwell, the last remnant of the once great human empire of Kedras, the Hunters find that the city is on lockdown due to some problems within the city. In trying to get smuggeled in to the city the Hunters join up with the Paladin Sir Roy who appears to have a deep animosity with the Cult. While uncovering the Conspiricay within Deepdwell the Hunters party expands yet again to include Nulon of the Deep a miner who was trapped within a large mechanical suit of armour by the powers of a fallen star as well as Finde Lesueur, Eryn of the Mistenwood, Ernard and Aloden. These four were members of another Hunter party that were rescued by VarSel, Neza, Roy, Sariel and Apostol.

After foiling the Cults plan by killing one of its leaders, who are known collectively as the Seven, the Hunters then go on to save the entire city of Deepdwell by rooting out a vampire problem that had taken root inside the highest level of government. While rooting out the Cults influence that Hunters uncover what destroyed the Kedras Empire practically overnight. Apparently the previous leader of Kedras made a deal with an entity known as the Outsider and caused his entire empire to fall. Since it’s fall he had been imprisoned underneath the city by was freed by a fallen star. He is apparently traveling to capital of Old Kedras to continue his work. Thankfully the Hunters have discovered a way to stop him but it requires at least a month of preparation.

During this month VarSel has uncovered the location of the Codex, the Wisp tome that contains all the worlds knowledge within it’s pages. The Codex was lost after the fall of the Great Library ( The Great Library) and the Archive Ascendancy has been searching for it ever since. VarSel will be travelling to North Belkor, a city on the west side of Altos that is currently embroiled in a war with it’s southern neighbor. Apparently the Pages of North Belkor are in possession of Codex and VarSel plans to retrieve it at any cost.


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