Sir Rashur the Giant

A Giant of a Man


Rashur was a giant of a man clad in heavy armour, wielding the twin giant blades Smash and Sunder.


Rashur was a simple boy, born to a small farming family a long time past in the Age of Blood. However Rashur never stopped growing, he outgrew his house and eventually his village, he kept growing till was towering over the treetops.

Rashur was asked to fight, to save the kingdom of Greymarch. He did so, saving his village and the country from the threat of The Kargis, a band of horse riders who pillaged the country.

The king ordered a suit of armour to be made for Rashur, cast from all the stockpiled metal. Rashur defended the country against Orcs, rival kingoms and was said to wrestle a dragon known as Raefbolg the Blue.

Rashur enjoyed his fame and glory, being showered with gifts from the kingdom. However it was when Rashur fell in love with a maiden that it started to fall apart.

The maiden was of noble line, and meant to marry the prince. Rashur brought her flowers and gifts from the forests. It was then that Rashur realized the people didn’t love him, they feared him. The maiden screamed in terror and the feared looks on the populaces faces as he walked by became apparent.

Rashur cried, he wept over his loneliness. However the nearby country of Bascelia brought battle once more to Greymarch, bringing a spear called Caredor. A spear forged from the pits of ruin, said to be wielded by the the Truesworn Alibarn the Patient.

Rashur met the host outside his home village, finding it destroyed. He flew into a fury, smashing the Bascellian host.

Bascelia used this to lure Rashur into a trap, where he was stabbed through the eye with the spear. Rashur wandered shrugging off deaths grip, and the attacks of the Bascelian army. He marched to the palace to see what came of it, Bascelian troops cutting his flesh and peppering him with arrows. But still Rashur marched on, seemingly undying.

He came to the palace high upon high of Greymarch, to find the king dead and the maiden kidnapped. Rashur then finally fell, as the knight Kayvis of Bascelia removed the spear and stabbed him again in the other eye, finally ending Rashur’s life.

However as the days come by Bascelia and the conquered Greymarch heard stories of a giant, wandering the forests and mountains weeping, killing passerby’s.

Rashur had returned, a revenant consumed by grief. Rashur attacked all surounding countries, seemingly unstoppable. It was said he took Grimsbane castle and tossed it at the Haletar army. It was said he became a living meteor as he could jump to the clouds and crush fortresses with a leap.

As Rashur had eventually wondered back to Bascelia, where he had grown to a size bigger than the tallest buildings. He walked over the walls and started destroying the city.

Rashur eventually reached the palace, whose height reached his shoulders. It was there he saw a woman, older but still as beautiful as he remembered. She told Rashur she was sorry for being afraid of him and that he could rest.

She held the finger of Rashur and he shrunk back to the height of a mere man.

Rashur passed away there in the garden, finally at peace.

Sir Rashur the Giant

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