The Hunter of the Wildwood


A demonic figure who leads a pack of hell hounds.


The Hunter of the Wildwood, or the Houndmaster as some call him, was said to be born of Phocian ritual, an long forgotten priest drank the blood of a thousand sacrifices. He gnawed the bones of a sea leviathan and cut out his own heart.

Striking a pact with a Baron of Hell the priest was reborn as the Houndmaster, the spirits of the men whose blood he drank following him as hell hounds.

He then hunted the forests for man and beast alike, using them as game to chase. The Hunter of the Wildwood and his thousands hounds roamed forests all over east Altos, looking for game.

That was until the Crimson Wanderer walked through and slew every hound, then finally hunting The Hunter down as well.

The Hunter of the Wildwood

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